General terms & conditions

Date: January 1, 2024, Sant Antoni de Portmany

Services can be booked via HETibiza, such as excursions, tours, tickets and transfers. In addition, there are partnerships with providers where various services can be organized and purchased, such as tours, boat trips, rental cars and tickets. The services that can be booked are provided by high-quality, local providers at attractive prices. HETibiza works exclusively with certified and registered local partners for the performance of its services and mediates these Services via the Website: These General Terms and Conditions apply to the Services offered under the Commercial name:  HETibiza.

  • Commercial name:                        HETibiza
  • Official companyname:               Nico Wilhelmus Johannes Buts
  • Address:                                            Carrer des Vedranell, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, De Balearen, Spanje
  • Registered:                                        As Autonomo via NIE number Y5268017L
  • VAT (IVA)-identification-nr.:  ESY5268017L

HETibiza includes the trade names / domain names:

  1. nl /



The terms written in the General Terms and Conditions have the following meaning, unless a (different) meaning is assigned elsewhere.

A. HETibiza: the General Terms and Conditions which can be read here relate to the organization behind the commercial name: HETibiza, which uses its commercial websites: / / Further referred to in these General Terms and Conditions under the collective name: HETibiza.

B. Suppliers: the local operator of the Service. For various tours, excursions, rental services and tickets, HETibiza uses local providers who perform the relevant service or provide the service in collaboration with HETibiza. In these terms and conditions, these providers are described as Suppliers. HETibiza has carefully selected all suppliers. The main features that are emphasized are: quality, certification and official registration of these companies. HETibiza has entered into an agreement with these Suppliers in the field of tours, excursions, transfers, rental and tickets.

C. General Terms and Conditions: the General Terms and Conditions as shown in this document apply to the Agreement that the Customer concludes with HETibiza.

D. Customer: the natural person (consumer) or the responsible legal entity who uses the HETibiza Services offered via the website or other communication services of HETibiza.

E. Services: all Services / Products to be provided by HETibiza itself or by Suppliers that are offered to the Customer via or in collaboration with HETibiza. The Services that HETibiza offers include tours, excursions, rentals, transfers and tickets.

F. Agreement: The concluded booking between Customer and HETibiza.

G. Websites:, /, subdomains and translations.


  1. WHAT DOES HETibiza DO?

A. Own Services: HETibiza has an executive role in the field of various Own Services: tours & excursions. HETibiza is both the organizer and executor of the service.

B. External Services: HETibiza has an informative and advisory role regarding Services offered such as excursions, tours, transfers, rental and ticket sales, where these can also be purchased directly. The information that is made available has been carefully selected based on the experience and knowledge of high-quality Suppliers in the areas of supply, price and experience. HETibiza works exclusively with certified and registered local Suppliers.



A. The Agreement with HETibiza is concluded by the Customer using the Website and by concluding a Service via the Website. These General Terms and Conditions also apply to other forms of concluding a Service via HETibiza, for example by e-mail, telephone, social media or a verbal Agreement.

B. When booking Own Services via HETibiza, the Customer agrees to the Agreement between HETibiza and the customer, which is visible in the Confirmation sent to the customer. The customer also agrees to the agreements made that apply with any Supplier used by HETibiza. By confirming the booking, the Customer is also bound to the Agreement and liable for the obligations arising from the Agreement.

C. When booking external services via HETibiza, an additional Agreement may be concluded between the Customer and a Supplier. The Provider is obliged to make these additional conditions visible to the Customer. HETibiza has little or no influence on these Terms and Conditions and/or the conclusion of that Agreement. This is an Agreement between the Customer and the Provider. The Customer has the option to refuse these conditions at any time, whereby the Agreement with HETibiza will also be automatically canceled. The name of the Supplier will be announced via the Confirmation, whereby the Customer can look up the additional Terms and Conditions.

D. Even though HETibiza selects reliable Suppliers to work with, HETibiza is an intermediary when concluding an Agreement with External Services. HETibiza itself is not responsible for the implementation of the Service provided by the Provider. HETibiza would like to receive feedback if you are (not) satisfied with a Service.


When booking, the Customer will receive a confirmation of the Service with date, time and starting location. Payment or partial payment must be made in advance unless otherwise agreed. On the agreed day of the Service, the Customer in question reports for the Service at the agreed location at the agreed time. If the Service is delayed or something unexpected occurs, please contact HETibiza. Contact details see below.



A. The use of HETibiza Services is completely without hidden costs. The costs shown when the Customer books the relevant Service are the costs that the Customer owes. All prices include tax and are subject to change due to price increases/decreases from suppliers or logical unforeseen communication errors.

B. Payment is made via bank card, bank transfer, payment link or cash payment. The bank details are:

  • IBAN bankaccount number  :    ES41 2100 0213 4302 0066 3495
  • T.a.:                                                 Nico Wilhelmus Johannes Buts
  • BIC:                                                 CAIXESBBXXX

C. After the reservation, the Customer will receive an invoice. The payment term at HETibiza is 21 days. For bookings made within three weeks of the Service taking place, the total amount must be transferred immediately via one of the payment options.

D. All prices indicated are in Euro.

E. Pay close attention to the validity period of the prices. Different discount promotions cannot be combined. In the event of a promotion, the promotional prices are only valid within the duration of a promotion.

F. HETibiza is not responsible for additional costs charged by the Supplier in question for additional Services. Prices do not include tips from tour leaders, drivers, local guides, personal items, local taxes or fees and food and beverages not specifically listed under ‚included‘ on the Website.

G. HETibiza depends on the Suppliers of the Services for correct prices. HETibiza does its utmost to check and update prices as often as possible.

H. HETibiza is not liable for displaying incorrect prices that may be assumed to be manifestly incorrect. This concerns prices that are illogically too high or too low for the Service offered. If there is a price that cannot be beat, please let HETibiza know.



A. HETibiza is responsible for the care of a good contractor, whose task is to properly inform and advise the Customer and to carry out and/or book the Service with the local Supplier.

B. Although HETibiza selects reliable Suppliers to work with, HETibiza is not responsible for the execution and quality of the Supplier’s Services. HETibiza is happy to be informed of any problems and is prepared to mediate with the local Supplier in the event of problems.

C. Participation in the Services offered through HETibiza is at the Customer’s own risk. HETibiza and its Suppliers cannot in any way be held liable for any physical damage or damage/loss of personal property.

D. If it appears that HETibiza has failed to do so and the Customer suffers damage as a result, HETibiza’s liability is limited to a maximum of the costs of the Services invoiced by HETibiza.

E. Liability for damage against which the Customer is insured (via travel/health insurance) and for damage suffered by the Customer in the context of the performance of a Service is excluded.

F. HETibiza is not liable in the event of force majeure. This means that HETIbiza will not financially compensate the Customer if a Service has to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of HETibiza or the Supplier. These include, but are not limited to, accidents and associated delays, demonstrations, all forms of natural catastrophes, uprisings, wars, terrorist attacks, power outages, strikes, bad weather conditions or other similar events beyond the control of HETibiza or the Supplier.



A. HETibiza is obliged to cooperate when concluding a reservation for a Service. Data from the Customer, which is necessary for the execution of the Agreement, is passed on to the Supplier of the Service with whom it is concluded. The processing of the information by HETibiza is entirely dependent on this entered data.

B. If it is not possible to provide the data or if HETibiza is unable to assist with the reservation of a Service, the Customer will be informed in a timely manner.

C. The Customer declares that he is at least 18 years old and is legally authorized to enter into this agreement.

D. The personal data are processed as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations.

  • The Customer’s personal data will not be provided to third parties.

  • HETibiza uses the Customer’s e-mail address to send a newsletter. If the Customer does not wish to receive this, the Customer can inform us via

  • HETibiza uses the Customer’s mobile telephone number to provide information regarding start time & start location.



A. In the event that the Customer wishes to cancel a Own Service from HETibiza, this can be done via:, up to 96 hours before the start of the planned performance. For a cancellation of a booked Service between 96 hours and 24 hours before the planned performance of the Service, HETibiza charges a 50% cancellation fee. For a cancellation of a booked Service within 24 hours before the planned performance of the Service, HETIbiza charges 75% in cancellation costs.

B. In the event that the Customer wishes to cancel an External Service from a Supplier, this can be done via The cancellation conditions depend on how the relevant Supplier has included this in its Terms and Conditions. HETibiza can mediate as an intermediary, but has no influence on the General Terms and Conditions of the Supplier.

C. Not all Services can be canceled. After the Customer has purchased tickets for tours, excursions, boat tours, etc., the Customer is stuck with the purchased ticket. The sale is final and cannot be adjusted after purchase is confirmed. Hetibiza is dependent on the availability and goodwill of the relevant Supplier to change the date or make other changes. HETibiza cannot guarantee that a change request will be granted.

D. Service Providers may change the product, its components, dates or age requirements. For this reason, HETibiza reserves the right to cancel, modify or replace any Services booked through the Website at any time, regardless of the reason. In such a case, if the Customer is not satisfied with the alternative offered, the Customer is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.

E. HETibiza and its Suppliers strive for flexible business operations when performing the Services. If the Customer wants to change a planned Service, HETibiza can be informed via Despite a flexible approach, it is not always possible to change the booked Service at short notice. In this case, the existing booked Service remains in force. The Customer will be informed about this by HETibiza. In the event that additional costs are incurred when a booked Service is changed, HETibiza reserves the right to charge these additional costs to the Customer. In this case, the Customer will be informed in advance about these additional costs.

F. If you do not show up at the agreed time (No Show) at the agreed location, the Customer will be contacted by HETibiza. If no contact can be made with the Customer or no information is available, 100% cancellation costs will be charged.



A. Everything that can be seen on the HETibiza Website, images, texts, etc., is the intellectual property of HETibiza and/or its Suppliers. These may not be copied or used in any way without separate written permission from HETibiza and/or its Suppliers, except in cases where this is permitted by law.

B. Information that the Customer processes via the Website or Social Media is and remains the property of the Customer. HETibiza has a so-called limited right of use on this information to use this information for the Service, including for future aspects thereof. The Customer can revoke this right of use by removing the relevant information, terminating the Agreement or notifying HETibiza of the revocation in writing.

C. The limited user right also includes the right to process the data in aggregated and anonymous form for statistical purposes. This data cannot in any way be traced back to the Customer as a person.

D. If the Customer sends information to HETibiza, for example feedback about an error or a suggestion for improvement, the Customer thereby grants HETibiza an unlimited and perpetual right to use this information for the Service. This does not apply to information that the Customer has expressly marked as confidential.

E. HETibiza is not responsible for incorrect information that is shared and published by third parties via brochures, advertisements, external websites, Social Media, photos or offers without any commitment from HETibiza.



The Agreement that HETibiza enters into with the Customer lasts as long as the Customer uses HETibiza’s services. The obligations for the Provider, the Customer and HETibiza also end when all obligations under the Agreement in question have been met.


A. Spanish law applies to the Agreement between the Customer and HETibiza.

B. Complaints and disputes regarding the advice, conclusion and implementation of the Agreement or Service can be submitted within a reasonable time by e-mail to: HETibiza, Attn. Complaints Handling, e-mail address:



If you have any questions, complaints or comments after reading these General Terms and Conditions, you can contact HETibiza by email via


Contact information HETibiza


  • Phone/ Whatsapp: +34 681 104 919
  • E-mail:
  • Visiting address: Av. De st. Jordi 5 – Bloque C4 bajos, Puerta 5-A, 07800 Figueretes – Ibiza – Illes Baleares – España


*Owner – Nico Buts

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  • Mailing address: Carrer des Vedranell 12D, Planta Bajo, 1ª, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany – Ibiza – Illes Baleares – España