HETibiza is a tourist company specialized in excursions, tours, boat trips and tourist activities in Ibiza. We organize our own (active) excursions and also mediate in other activities and boat trips. Through our years of experience in tourism in Ibiza, we know what is good and what visitors to Ibiza would like to see and do.

Own excursions & tours

In our opinion, excursions should be experiences that add value to a holiday. With our excursions we want the guest to enjoy a wonderful experience and think back on the tour with a smile. The following excursions are our own excursions:

HETibiza own excursions

Interactive tours

In addition, we have developed 2 treasure hunts for tourists who wish to discover the island on their own.

  • car-SCAVENGER-hunt – Wunderful West
  • City Adventure Ibiza
  • External excursions

    In addition to our own excursions, we mediate in other excursions, boat trips, transfers and rental of cars and boat trips. We only work with other renowned and official companies, which we know offer high-quality activities and service.


With 10 years of work experience for a large travel organization, Nico Buts has specialized in the tourist activities industry in Ibiza. Thanks to his years of experience, Nico knows better than anyone what there is to do on the island and what tourists want. For this reason, Nico started creating his own excursions in 2018 that are characterized by a combination of interesting places, special stories and high service. All this with a big smile, as Nico believes that having fun is the most important thing during the holidays.

HETibiza shop

The office in Figueretes will be operational from 2021. The Bike tours start from here and this is the beating heart of the company where colleagues Angela and Demi work.

Company details

Mailing address

  • Carrer des Vedranells 12 D, 07820, Sant Antoni de Portymany, Balearen, Spanje
  • Phone & WhatsApp: +34611318817
  • E-mail: info@hetibiza.com


  • Commercial name: HETibiza
  • Owner: Nico Wilhelmus Johannes Buts
  • NIF number: Y5268017L
  • Licence-number: MT-0008-E, as ‘Mediador Turístico’, registered with the Consell (government) of Ibiza


  • Bank accountnumber: ES41.2100.0213.4302.0066.3495
  • Accountholder: Nico Wilhelmus Johannes Buts
  • BIC Bank: CaixesBBXXX
  • Address bank: Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, Balearen, Spain