A tour full of enthusiasm, beautiful views, humor and a piece of beautiful nature. Nico was very funny and joked a lot. The climbing parts were sometimes tough but doable. The fun part was visiting the hospitable Alex "caveman" who lives between/in the cave. Muscle pain at the end but it was worth it.

- Ilze and Silvie

Unforgettable hike in the west coast

Relaxed boat ride

English speaking guide

Visit to Caveman Alex

Swim stop & aquarium entrance

HETibiza own tour

Program & costs

Land & Sea-tour

Start time(s)



ca. 4 hrs.




The hike is doable with a normal level of fitness. The hike itself is about 1.5 to 2 hours with several stops. This tour is also doable in summer, especially since you can cool off in the water after the hike.

The boat trip is a leisurely trip of about 30 minutes along the coast. Experience shows that the water is generally calm in summer.

In terms of footwear, we recommend good shoes with grip. In addition, sunscreen, head protection and sunglasses. Extra water is also never wrong. There is a swim stop in between if you wish to bring swimwear.