Airport transfers

Let the vacation begin immediately and take a private transfer from the airport to your accommodation.

  • No waiting times
  • Reliable service
  • Flexible
  • Good prices


"Why wait, when vacation can start immediately."

Why a private transfer?

Remember the following from previous vacations:

  • Long queues at cabs at the airport.
  • A travel agent who waits for multiple arrivals before the transfer bus drives off.
  • A route past all the hotels before reaching yours.

Does the above sound familiar?

Then, upon arrival at the airport, let a private transfer take you directly to your accommodation. HETibiza gladly takes over the organization and provides the private transfer from the airport to the accommodation and back again on the day of departure.

Reliable service

We only use the services of local certified transfer companies with whom we have worked satisfactorily for many years. We offer reliable transfers with experienced drivers and good buses in different sizes. Even in case of delays we perform the transfer, we closely monitor the arrival times.

Small & large groups

We have capabilities to provide transfers for both small and large parties. Whether you are traveling with 4 people, with 15 people or are a group of 35, we can be of service.


Due to our experience, flexibility and good planning, we offer excellent service at a normal price.

Other transfers

In addition to airport transfers, we can also be helpful with transfers on the island to restaurants or other locations.


Request your desired transfer immediately.